At the heart of the movement are four beautiful words: Yes Thank You Universe. Strung together and repeated aloud over and over, they are called the Superpositivity Chant. The true beauty of Yes Thank You Universe is that it is not about asking, but about giving: gratitude to all of creation. For all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be. This chant can be done anytime, anywhere and by anyone. It can be done alone or with someone, indoor or outdoor. It can be done in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. While driving, taking shower, cooking, eating, working, playing. The possibilities are unlimited, like the Universe itself.
Vickrant got the epiphany for this chant during the darkest phase of his life: his film had just crashed at the box office, leaving him with a million dollar loss and his marriage had ended on a painful note. In order to keep himself together, he undertook a continuous 40 hour meditation on 19 September 2013. Midway through the meditation, he was blessed by the higher consciousness with the Superpositivity Chant. Over the next month, he simply repeated these four words with faith and gratitude for hours every day. And what he saw left him amazed. His life took a 180 degree turn in every sense. Best of all, it filled him up with unlimited joy. 
Soon, he set a five year goal to chant it twenty million times: ten million times spoken and ten million times silent. On 19 September 2018, he joyfully completed his goal. It used to take him approximately five hours every day, chanting two and a half hours at a stretch in the morning and two and a half hours at a stretch at night. His goal used to be 10,000 chants every day: 5,000 spoken and 5,000 silent. He'd perform the spoken chants in the morning and the silent chants at night..
Vickrant gives immeasurable credit to wherever he is today to the Superpositivity Chant. It saved him when he had zero hope in life. When his life was in tatters and zero other method was working. According to him: “All that i’ve done over the past five years has emerged from the energy of Yes Thank You Universe, and all that i shall do over the rest of my lifetime will be a testament to the infinite power of Yes Thank You Universe.”