Superpositivity Foundation is an earnest endeavour to remind each one of us of our potential to live the highest life imaginable and to overcome every limitation we're presented with. Above all, it is an effort to help each one of us activate the greatest power in the Universe: superpositivity.
The foundation seeks to inspire human beings all over the world to be grateful rather than complaining. To learn to give rather than take. To improve oneself first, and then contribute to the improvement of the world. Forevermore.
The foundation is committed to creating a wave of superpositive energy in the world through its talks, books, videos and events. Anyone of any faith can be a part of this movement without any discrimination whatsoever. The only requisite is the commitment to live a superpositive life. And the intent to create superpositive energy for oneself as well as for every other human being and all other species that exist or shall ever exist.