Born in Jammu to Veenaa and Sham Kishore Gupta, Vickrant Mahajan studied commerce at the University of Jammu, publishing at the University of Denver and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. In 2001, he started his professional career as an editor with HarperCollins Publishers India. In 2003, he won the first runnerup and Mr Photogenic at Grasim Mr India. In 2012, he made his Bollywood debut with the film Challo Driver, which he wrote, directed, produced and acted in.

Vickrant is the first person in the world to use the term and the concept of Superpositivity in mainstream culture. During a continuous 40 hour meditation at his parents’ house in Jammu on 19 September 2013, he had an epiphany to activate and spread the energy of superpositivity all over the world. Over the last six years, he has raised awareness about superpositivity at over 1,000 schools, prisons, hospitals, corporate and social institutions across India, US, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Bhutan. Also, he successfully created scores of Guinness World Records, including the longest speech, longest play, largest book signing, largest greeting card, longest squash rally, most football penalties in 24 hours and the largest underwater painting exhibition in the world.

In April 2019, on the eve of the 123rd anniversary of the modern-day Olympics, Vickrant launched the SQUAD OF SUPERCHAMPIONS program, which is the first-ever inspirational initiative of its kind in India. Conducted at India’s Olympic training centres, it is a revolutionary program to inspire athletes, coaches, support staff and management to attain world-class excellence in their craft. As part of the program, Vickrant mentors many Olympics and Asian games medallists to develop superpositivity and manifest it into superperformance.

Vickrant has authored 28 books, including Yes Thank You Universe, Superpositivity, Superchampion, Strtech Yourself, Goaletics, Positivation, The Glacier-River-Ocean Principle. He now travels all over the world, giving "Superpositivity" talks, awakening people to the infinite power and benefits of superpositivity.