The foundation started on 6 November 2013 with a public talk at the Presentation Convent School Jammu, where Vickrant spoke to 1,200 students and shared with them the message of superpositivity. He has designed a world class program called “SUPERPOSITIVITY: The Greatest Power in the Universe” where the participants are given easy yet powerful tools on how to become and stay superpositive in life. The program is conducted in two languages (English and Hindi) and has been given to over 1,000 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons, social and corporate institutions across India, US, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bhutan. Vickrant is represented by The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau (www.outstandingspeakersbureau.in) for worldwide engagements. If you wish to have Vickrant speak at a corporate/private sector event, please contact Ms Spriha Srivastava (spriha.srivastava@tosb.in), and if you are a school/NGO, please contact Mr SK Gupta (superpositivityfoundation@gmail.com) for further assistance.